How to start a Deaf Access Committee


The AADI Brochure

Our goal is to make all AA meetings accessible.

If there is any AA meeting that you want to attend, just request an interpreter and we will do our best to provide one. Browse the list of AA meetings and request an interpreter using our Request Interpreter link.

Find an AA meeting in Austin


The AA International Convention

As a truly international gathering, meetings in multiple languages — including American Sign Language (ASL), French, Spanish and more — will be available Friday and Saturday. Additionally, the Big Meetings in the Ford Field Stadium will be simultaneously interpreted into several languages based on need and cost. ASL interpretation will be provided at the Big Meetings.


Online AA meetings for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Find and meetings online with others who communicate in American Sign Language. We offer directories and resources for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals who are looking for ASL resources. 


Guidelines for AA groups

Find guidelines developed by AA to help groups and individuals carry the message to Deaf AA in their groups and regions.. 

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